GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator

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The GLA GRO-series CO2 regulators lead the way in adaptive CO2 distribution. Our innovative modular manifold, allows the user to add manifold blocks with ease, and expand CO2 supply, independently, to up to 5 aquariums. Our GRO-series regulators can adapt to the expansion of your aquarium system, allowing you to use one regulator for multiple tanks. We make sure that when you invest in our professional CO2 equipment, you invest in a single regulator that can grow with you and last a lifetime.

Industrial grade regulator body

Custom precision GLA needle valve

Pro-class solenoid valve with ‘cool touch’ technology keeps the solenoid cool to the touch during operation

Custom GLA bubble counter with advanced filtration and check valve to protect internal components of regulator

Professional quality pneumatic components

Forged brass and die cast for durability and accurate machining

Dual gauge (tank volume and working pressure)

No end-of-tank dumps

We are confident that our GRO-series GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition

We build this to be the most reliable paintball regulator on the market

Custom built, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA

Our business is to provide professional quality CO2 regulators and systems to the aquarium hobbyist and to specialized CO2 applications seeking the best CO2 equipment available. We design our CO2 collection with pro-quality pneumatic components to provide an extremely reliable, long-term solution for CO2 distribution. Our CO2 experts build each regulator to order and provide longterm customer care for each regulator shipped out of our distribution center.

Installation: Paintball Pin Valve

Output Pressure Gauge: 0 - 60 PSI

Tank / High Pressure Gauge: 0 - 2000 PSI

Integral PRV: Pressure Relief Valve releases at 51 - 53 PSI

6 foot electrical cord

Includes: 5 feet of CO2 resistant tubing

Current lead time of 3 to 7 business days. Orders ship in 3 to 7 business days.

We do not accept returns on CO2 Regulators.

GLA GRO-series regulators are covered under a LIFETIME warranty.



7 Reviews

Mary Ann Camat 9th Nov 2019

Worth more than 5 stars

Support team was absolutely brilliant. I emailed them because I was having difficulty with installation and to my surprise I got a reply within minutes. Because of my busy schedule, I sometimes emailed them at midnight. I was walked throughout patiently even replying to my email at 4 in the morning. After buying -and spending on different cheap products, I regret not discovering this sooner. It works way better than others.

Jose Muanis 20th Oct 2019

Takes some time and experience to tune it, but works like a clock now

I got this about 1 year ago just when they launched it. At first the pressure would swing like crazy. I didn't notice and just kept tuning it. After I lost all my fish (about 20 of them) I contacted them on messenger and their support was A M A Z I N G. They guided me through the process of disassembling the needle valve, checking it and assembling it again. Since then I've kept it at around 37-38 psi of working pressure with about 2 bubbles per second and my paintball tanks are lasting about 3 months. Plants a doing really well.

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