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Substrate nutrition and clarifier for planted aquariums. Substrex is a double-action substrate additive that provides long-term nutrients to the substrate and reduces clouding of the water caused by agitation of dust and debris during planting and maintenance. Benefits of Substrex include:

  • Improve water quality and clarity
  • Provide long-term nutrients for plant growth
  • Reduce long-term maintenance
  • Extend substrate lifetime

As planted aquariums age, substrates undergo two noticeable changes. First, available nutrients within the substrate become depleted by growing plants. If this is left treated, it will lead to slow, unhealthy plant growth. Second, debris from plants and inhabitants as well as dust from substrate particles often collect inside the substrate layer. If the substrate layer is disturbed either through planting, uprooting plants, or simply during routine maintenance, it can lead to prolonged clouding of the water.

CAL AQUA LABS developed SUBSTREX to specifically address these two issues. It builds up the fertility of the substrate system and enriches the substrate with slow-release nutrients. Once under water, it forms a gel matrix that readily binds nutrients, dust particles of soil, fish waste, and debris creating stabilized structures that quickly settle – reducing their ability to cloud the water. As the tank matures, the nutrients slowly become available and keep the substrate fertile for long-term growth.

Sprinkle 1 leveled spoonful (spoon provided) evenly on top of Green Base XR or on bottom of aquarium for every 1 ft2 (30 cm x 30 cm) area. Cover evenly with substrate.

SUBSTREX may temporary release ammonia due to the large amounts of long-term nutrients. This is temporary and will go away with regular water changes. Use only as directed.

For freshwater aquarium use only.

Avoid moisture, heat, and direct sunlight

Content size: 200 ml.


1 Review

Bill Devos 2nd Mar 2020

Love it!

I ordered this along with Cal Aqua Labs other additive and so far its been really nice. I use Seachem flourite and wanted a nutrient base to my substrate system. Its been a few months and I find I actually dose less fertilizer than I did with my previous tank. I leave town for work quite often and this system has been a life saver. I dont rely on my wife to dose my tank and everything seems well and stable. Really enjoying Cal Aqua Labs Multi_r and Substrex.

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