Bucephalandra green broad leaf (potted)


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We take pride in our plants & we only ship immaculate plants!

We are excited to offer you the finest quality plants, an expert crafted selection of unique, beautiful, and rare species to ensure your aquascape is a masterpiece. We only ship immaculate, happy, and healthy plants! GLA plants will give you a healthy start to your planted aquarium; of course you will need to research the appropriate tank conditions, lighting, substrate, CO2 and nutrients etc. for your aquascape to ensure your plants grow and thrive, but that's all part of the enjoyment of the hobby!

Plant Shipping & GLA's DOA (Dead On Arrival) Plant Guarantee

Follow these terms to guarantee your plant order is covered by GLA's DOA Plant Guarantee:

  • Do not select Free Shipping for plant orders. Our Dead on Arrival (DOA) guarantee does not warranty plant orders shipped with Free Shipping method; GLA is not responsible for plants that arrive dead if you select Free Shipping as your shipping method. If you would like Free Shipping for your hard-goods order over $125, then please place your plant order separately and select Standard Shipping method for your plants for DOA policy coverage. Select Standard Shipping, UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2 day, or UPS 3 Day select to ensure that your plants arrive in usable condition and have GLA DOA coverage.
  • If it's cold where you live, please purchase a minimum of one heat pack to have your plant purchase covered under our DOA Policy. GLA DOA guarantee does not warrantly plants that freeze if there is no heat pack in the box.
  • DOA plant claims must be reported to GLA at our email within same day of arrival/order delivery. DOA claims must be accompanied by photos as evidence of DOA.
  • All plants and tissue culture plants purchased on sale/special/discounted pricing are not guaranteed or warranteeable under our GLA DOA guarantee.

1 Review

Greg Minnor 18th Feb 2020

A++ Aquarium Plants

Very impressed with everything. I have ordered from most every vendor in aquarium plants and GLA quality is unmatched in several ways. Packaging was obviously on GLA's priority, they A+ that. Quality of plants was like nothing Ive every experienced. They were completely perfect, how do you guys do this? It was as if they were in suspended animation and never left the greenhouse, just perfect plants and generous proportions. I purchased a lot of plants from GLA for my new aquascape and they are all ding great. GLA may not have all the varieties but what they lack in variety they make up in quality everything. Ive also noticed as I waited to make my review the list of plants continues to expand. Its much larger than when I placed my order, Kudos to GLA for increasing the menu options. Im forever a loyal customer, never in my experience of buying live plants have I ever seen a shipment arrive looking the way mine did. A++

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