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Biomax #3 - Daily Shrimp Food (Adult Shrimp)

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Biomax #3 - Daily Shrimp Food (Adult Shrimp)
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Biomax #3 - 50 grams -1.8mm particle size

Daily Feed for Ornamental Shrimp.

Biomax #3 is designed for adult shrimps, offering select nutrients with breeding promotion.

Benefits: nutritional balance, pigment enhancement, optimal water quality, helps induce molting,Reliable replacement of fresh feeds

Ingredients: Krill meal, Fish meal, squid liver powder, Mussel meal, Liver meal, Brewer yeast, Spirulina, Wheat Flour, Seaweed powder, Pearl powder, Astaxanthin, Beta-Glucan, Vitamins and trace minerals.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews

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    Great Shrimpie Food!

    Ordered 20 crystal red shrimp recently and was feeding them Hikari algae wafers. However, the small pellet size of this food makes feeding tiny amounts much easier without having to grind up large wafers. My shrimp love it! Would keep ordering again 10/10

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    My shrimp rack loves Genchem!

    I purchased the entire Biomax collection for my shrimp breeding racks. I have approximately 2300G of shrimp breeding tanks and I wanted to be able to provide my colonies the best foods I can source. Prior to ordering I emailed GLA with a few basic questions and concerns and was immediately put at ease. I ordered the entire collection. I would like to say that Recipe is the best thing that has ever came my way. The minerals GLA provides are extremely well made and able to be mixed with Recipe for the best shrimp food you can possibly consider. I realize Im talking about Recipe and not Biomax, but Im getting to that. Biomax is like candy to my shrimp, they cant get enough of it. I dont feed them all to much because I also grow a healthy algae colony for them which they prefer over anything. Its very clean and the ingredients are not garbage. I also like to mix Biomax into my DIY recipe. If you do not know what Recipe is, your 100% missing the mark when it comes to shrimp breeding. Biomax and Genchem products in my opinion are the cleanest shrimp foods you can find. They even offer direct mineral enhancements that you can add directly to fry tanks or mix in to recipe.

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