BIOMAX #2 - Daily Feed (Shrimp)


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Biomax #2 - 50 grams -0.8mm particle size

Daily Feed for Ornamental Shrimp.

Biomax #2 is designed for juvenile shrimps with suitable particle size.

Benefits: nutritional balance, pigment enhancement, optimal water quality, helps induce molting,Reliable replacement of fresh feeds

Ingredients: Krill meal, Fish meal, squid liver powder, Mussel meal, Liver meal, Brewer yeast, Spirulina, Wheat Flour, Seaweed powder, Pearl powder, Astaxanthin, Beta-Glucan, Vitamins and trace minerals.


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Jimbo 11th May 2020

biomax #2

I keep ordering this because it really seems to be liked by my shrimp.

Jessica 3rd Feb 2020

Extremely clean shrimp food

Your going to love this shrimp food line for few reasons. One thing I want to point out is how clean this food is. I dont get any oils or residue in my tanks any longer since switching over to Biomax. From what I could tell from the few years of breeding my shrimp colony is the stinkier the food the poorer my water quality became. This stuff actually smells good and my shrimp really love it. Super happy shrimp family:)

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