GLA recommendation: What CO2 System should you get for your planted aquarium?

One common and excellent question we are asked by our customers is ... 

'what CO2 system should I get for my planted tank?'

... and here is our response (almost always) :-)) 


Our recommendation is our GLA PRO Aquarium CO2 System, in fact, it's GLA's personal favorite, and we promise it's a great decision! Regardless of your aquarium tank size, it will get the job done with professional grade pneumatics and look sleek with your aquarium installation. The single stage PRO-series CO2 regulator that powers this CO2 system is built with a unique, stainless steel internal mechanism that works similarly to our dual stage lab-grade stainless steel PRO-SS series regulators, for a fraction of the price. This makes the PRO regulator an excellent value for all budgets and CO2 installations. It's feature rich, industrial grade, and is an absolute powerhouse built to last a lifetime of aquarium use. It is superbly and entirely manufactured in North America with every detail tailored to professional, industrial pneumatics, so aquarium use is probably even overkill haha, but that's why we love it and trust it with our GLA lifetime warranty.

As with all of our custom built GLA CO2 regulators, the PRO-series features an expandable manifold, allowing you to add manifold blocks with ease, and expand CO2 supply, independently, to up to 5 aquariums. Our PRO-series regulators can adapt to the expansion of your aquarium system, allowing you to use one regulator for multiple tanks. GLA solenoids feature 'cool touch' technology to keep the solenoid cool during operation.

We stand behind all of our custom-designed, hand-built CO2 regulators and CO2 systems. There may be issues you discover over the years of use, and we will be here to help you troubleshoot and fix anything at all. We are dedicated to aquarium CO2 distribution, it really is our passion and our expertise.