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Estimative Index E.I. Fertilizer Package

The complete fertilizer package to get started with the Estimative Index method of planted tank fertilization. Before you get started, please review our detailed dosing instructions for the Estimative Index method. Our Estimative Index E.I...
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Plantex CSM+B - 1lb

All of the essential micronutrients that your plants require, plus boron. Unique super fine powder. Our CSM+B is evenly ground to a uniform consistency and an exceptionally fine texture. 1 lb This item ships to United States destinations only...
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The Ultimate GH Booster - 1lb

A mix of essential macro and micronutrients. Use to provide Calcium and Magnesium. Use to boost the general hardness (GH) of soft water or RO (reverse osmosis) water. 1 lb The Ultimate GH Booster Contains: Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) Calcium...
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PMDD Pre-Mix - 1lb

A mix of essential macro (NK) and micronutrients. Contains everything but phosphate. The Use of PMDD is recommended for the expert planted aquarium keeper. If you have never used PMDD then it is recommended that you consult us prior to purchase,...
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