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  • Four Leaf Clover 'Dwarf' (Marsilea crenata)

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Four Leaf Clover 'Dwarf' (Marsilea crenata)

 Product Description

Identification & Conditions

  • Family - Marsileaceae
  • Genus - Marsilea
  • Distribution - S.E. Asia
  • Plant Type - fern
  • Light Requirements - low
  • Placement - foreground
  • Hardiness/Difficulty - low/difficult

Marsilea crenata or Four Leaf Clover Dwarf is native to Southeast Asia found in ditches, rice fields and other stagnant waters. When grown emergent its leaves are 4-lobed and 2-4 lobes when submerged. It is a demanding plant that prefers soft aquarium water and acidic pH. Adaptable to low and bright light conditions; CO2 and nutrients encourage faster than normal growth. When submerged in the aquarium it's terrestrial stem-like form transforms into a lower substrate creeping/carpeting plant that slowly spreads through runners across the substrate. Shorter, more compact growth achieved in brighter light. Similar in appearance to Glosso, but in comparison its leaves are leathery and thicker.

Plants grown emersed will require extended adaptation period for submersed growth in the aquarium. You may consider cutting plants and removing emersed grown leaves to allow new leaf growth in aquarium; new growth will happen after a short time.

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